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Bold and Effective Leadership for California

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the California State Legislature to represent San Francisco's 17th Assembly District. 

Five years ago, I entered City Hall to put an end to the deep divides that had kept San Francisco from moving forward.  Since then, I have had the honor of working alongside San Franciscans from all backgrounds and neighborhoods to find common ground and creative solutions for the biggest challenges facing our city.

Good governance starts with bringing people together, which I have done every day as a public servant.  By building coalitions and hammering out consensus, I have delivered results.  We have reformed our city’s budget process, business tax and pension systems, while creating thousands of jobs, building affordable housing and supporting our schools.

My fellow Supervisors chose me to lead the San Francisco Board of Supervisors as President for an unprecedented three terms because of my record as a problem solver. Working together, we have successfully adopted policies to move our local economy forward.  At the same time, I have continued to fight to ensure that workers can afford to live and raise families in our city. 

California needs bold and effective leadership, which I have demonstrated in San Francisco. I will be a vocal advocate alongside the Democratic majority for the kinds of innovative policies that I have pursued as Supervisor. As your representative to Sacramento, I will advance policies that not only reflect our shared values as San Franciscans, but also will benefit the lives of all Californians.

San Francisco needs effective 21st century leadership in Sacramento.  I would be honored to count on your support as we work together to make our great state a better place for all Californians.