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August 9, 2019--Back in the District

After seven very intense months of legislative work since the beginning of this year, our Legislature has officially been on its summer recess for the past few weeks, which means that I’ve had the chance to be back with all of you in the best city in the world!


During the recess, among other things, I’ve had a chance to catch up with constituents from every corner of our city, go to Sunday Streets in the Mission, spend National Night Out in the Tenderloin, the Mission, and Duboce Triangle, and take my son to a playground every weekend. 



Our family even got a chance to visit one of California’s best aquariums.  I hope to see more of you at events and throughout the city before heading back to Sacramento!



While it’s been great to spend time this recess with constituents, friends and family, I remain laser-focused on delivering results for San Francisco. 


Once the Legislature reconvenes next week, you can expect to see me and the Chiu Crew continue the fight to make San Francisco and California more equitable and affordable for everyone.


Thanks for your continued support, friends - hope to see you all soon!