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Feb 7, 2017 - Stand Up Today for Immigrant Tenants!

The past two weeks of the Trump Administration have proven to be one of the most dangerous times in our history to be an immigrant. It is up to us to fight back on all fronts.

This is why I introduced the Immigrant Tenant Protection Act of 2017, a measure that would bar landlords from disclosing or threatening to disclose a tenant’s immigration status and prohibit the use of immigration status at any point during legal proceedings.

As our bill moves through the process, like any bill defending our immigrant communities, we expect to face opposition. Right now is the time to rally support and stand up to protect our state’s immigrants. 

Will you sign our petition urging our state legislators to protect immigrant families and vote YES on AB 291?

The time to fight is now. We must use all of the tools we have to protect immigrants in their communities, at their jobs, at their schools, and in their homes.

As always, thank you for your support.