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February 28, 2018 -- My Legislation Scores

Last year, we secured a number of critical progressive legislative victories that will make a real difference in the lives of millions of Californians. 
We made a promise to pursue bold solutions to some of our biggest problems, and I’m proud we made good on that promise in 2017.
A number of influential organizations score state legislators at the end of each legislative cycle based on our voting records.
I’m honored that many of California’s most progressive and impactful organizations have given me a 100% score based on my work in 2017:
→ Courage Campaign: 100% 
→ Planned Parenthood: 100%
→ League of Conservation Voters: 100%
→ California Labor Federation: 100% 
→ Equality California: 100% 
→ Common Sense Kids Action: 100% 
I’m also proud that the California Clean Money Campaign named me a Clean Money Champion on its most recent scorecard based on my efforts to make our elections more transparent and fair. 
As the 2018 legislative cycle gets underway, I’ll be looking to build on our successes as I seek re-election in November. {{Salutation,DefaultTo=Friend}}, with your support, we are ready to deliver another significant year for the people of San Francisco and California.