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July 20, 2018--Sanctuary Law Upheld

I wanted to update you on how California is defending our immigrant families against Trump’s xenophobia.


Recently, a federal judge appointed by a Republican President issued a rebuke to Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions by upholding SB 54, California’s sanctuary state law. By not being accomplices to Trump’s deportation machine, California law enforcement can build trust with immigrant communities and truly pursue public safety.


I’m also heartened that the judge allowed California to continue to enforce provisions of my Immigrant Worker Protection Act that required employers to notify employees when immigration paperwork is reviewed by ICE. While I’m disappointed that other portions of AB 450 were put on hold, nothing stops employers who care about their immigrant employees from voluntarily asking ICE agents for judicial warrants.


If you want to learn more about the court’s initial ruling, you can read this San Francisco Chronicle article about the decision.


We haven’t stopped fighting, with two of my immigrant-related bills still moving forward in the California Senate. AB 2184 would remove barriers that keep hardworking immigrants from opening businesses. AB 2185 would allow immigrant parents to represent the interests of their child in court proceedings without publicly revealing their identity.

It is up to each of us, in our individual ways, to resist Trump’s war on immigrants. We have lots of work to do, {{Salutation,DefaultTo=friend}}. Thanks for your help along the way.