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July 24, 2019 --Legislative Session Recap

When I became an Assemblymember, I vowed to stand up for all of our communities across San Francisco, no matter how hard the fight. That’s why I’ve worked around the clock this year to support bills that protect everyone:
  • Hostile housing policies and skyrocketing housing costs pose a dangerous threat to so many San Franciscans. That’s why I’ve fought to pass my bills that protect tenants from unfair evictions, prohibit egregious rent-gouging tactics, and pave the way for Bay Area-specific funding for our affordable housing crisis.
  • Towing a low-income person’s car does nothing but exacerbate an already difficult financial situation. That’s why I’ve championed my bill that protects our most vulnerable community members from unfair towing practices that leave them in debt, out of a job, or even homeless.
  • The largest Wall Street banks have failed to serve our diverse communities, including those victimized by mortgage foreclosures, predatory lending and fake bank accounts. In San Francisco, we’re unafraid to think outside the box, which is why I authored a bill to pave the way for public banks that use our money to benefit the public good.

Friend, all of these bills face critical votes in the State Senate next month. If you make your voice heard on the issues that matter, our bills have a better shot at becoming law.

Can you take 2 minutes to let me know today what your priorities are? 

Please provide me with feedback and share your stories, so I can ensure that our communities remain at the center of our work.

In solidarity,