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July 30, 2018-- Census Discrimination

While we have seen the Trump Administration go after California on many fronts, one of its most insidious attacks has been to deliberately discourage immigrants from participating in the 2020 Census.


The Census is meant to count every person - regardless of immigration status - who lives in our communities. But Trump and his xenophobic cronies have proposed placing a question on the 2020 Census that asks about citizenship.  


This is wrong.


The citizenship question will discourage our immigrant neighbors from participating in the Census, resulting in a significant undercount in states like California. In addition to potentially losing Congressional seats, it will cause California to lose billions of dollars of federal funding, on top of the billions of tax dollars we already send to Washington that we don’t receive back in funding.


We have to fight back. That’s why this month, after fighting for more funding for California Census outreach efforts, my Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus colleagues and I joined other civil rights organizations as plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Trump Administration to block the citizenship question, so our communities can get the federal resources and representation they deserve.  


The U.S. Commerce Department is required to solicit public comment on its proposed 2020 Census. Through the Latino Community Foundation, we are organizing to send a strong message to the Trump Administration that everyone should be counted.


Can you help by signing this letter opposing the citizenship question? We don’t have much time left to save the Census.


Before August 7th, please join us in opposing Trump’s hateful, anti-immigrant proposal.