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June 1, 2018 -- Legislative Update

What an exciting week in the State Capitol! This week, I had to get all of my bills passed by the Assembly and over to the State Senate, in addition to voting on over 400 bills. 
I am proud that 16 of our bills passed the Assembly by today’s deadline, including:

  • AB 3118 Rape Kit Audit - advancing  justice for survivors of sexual assault by auditing the backlog of untested rape kits across the state;
  • AB 2162 Streamlining Supportive Housing - speeding up the production of housing with supportive services that address the needs of homeless individuals;
  • AB 2923 BART Transit-Oriented Development - facilitating the development of much-needed housing on BART-owned land next to BART stations; 
  • AB 2073 Lead Paint - protecting homeowners from lawsuits by lead paint manufacturers who profited from the sale of poisonous paint products; 
  • AB 2578 SF Seawall - securing funding to repair the Embarcadero Seawall that protects the San Francisco waterfront from rising sea levels and earthquakes;
  • AB 2138 Fair Chance Licensing - allowing Californians with older, non-violent convictions to apply for the occupational licenses they need to get jobs;
  • AB 2343 Tenant Notices - excluding weekends and holidays from counting during the eviction process, helping tenants facing evictions to stay in their homes; 
  • AB 2565 Healthcare Subsidies - making healthcare more affordable by increasing subsidies for those who make less than 400 percent of the federal poverty level;
  • AB 2184 Immigrant Business Licenses - making it easier for immigrants to apply for a license to start a business with different forms of identification.

Working alongside many of you, these successes inspire me to keep fighting for the needs of our city and our state. And I want to continue doing this work beyond this year. 
Our laws need to work for every Californian. With your help, our efforts will make California an example for the rest of the country.