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June 5, 2019--Legislative Victories

In case you missed it, last week, our Chiu Crew scored some major victories towards addressing California’s biggest challenges. 
Fifteen of our bills passed out of the State Assembly and are headed to the State Senate! Here are some highlights:
We scored two major wins in the fight to solve our housing crisis: AB 1482 would protect 15 million renters in California by ending egregious rent-gouging practices that force tenants out of their homes.  AB 1487 would create the first-ever Housing Alliance for the Bay Area, to begin to address affordable housing needs as one unified region.  
We moved one step closer to making public banks a reality in California: AB 857 would allow cities across California to establish public banks. Currently, cities give hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to Wall Street banks who invest our money in industries we don’t agree with.  This is a big win for Californians who believe the public’s money should be used for the public good.
We scored a big victory for Californians who get sent to the emergency room: AB 1611, our bill with Senator Scott Wiener, would end “surprise billing” practices that stick ER patients with tens of thousands of dollars in hospital bills. Californians who go to the ER should focus on getting better, not worry about being saddled with massive medical debt. 
The legislative process is long, and every victory is hard-fought. 
Thanks to your support, these bold pieces of legislation cleared a major hurdle last week.