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March 31, 2017 - Cesar Chavez vs. Donald Trump

90 years ago, a civil rights icon was born.  

In the era of Trump, it is so important to reflect upon the legacy of Cesar Chavez. He started a movement that led to tremendous protections for farmworkers, immigrant families and laborers. We continue his fight for social justice today.

In California, an estimated 45% of our farmworkers are currently undocumented, due to Congress’ failure to enact comprehensive immigration reform. Trump has proposed 10,000 new ICE agents to deport undocumented Americans.

To honor Cesar Chavez’s social justice legacy and our California farmworkers, who produce over half of our country’s food, we are fighting to pass the Immigrant Labor Protection Act. 

I discuss our bill in more detail in this video. Please take a moment to watch, then like or share the video to your Facebook wall.  

We need your help to spread the word about why the Immigrant Labor Protection Act is so important right now. 

I will post shortly with next steps, but thank you for your help today. 

Sí se puede!