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May 30, 2018 -- Lead Paint Act

I’m going to get straight to the point: lead paint companies knowingly poisoned Californians for decades—and now they want you to pay to clean up their mess. 
These companies sold harmful lead paint for years. A court found they had full knowledge of the incredible harm of their products, but continued to aggressively market the paint to consumers. The court ordered the companies to pay to clean up lead paint in California homes. 
In a gross misuse of the democratic process, they are now pursuing a ballot measure to shirk their court-ordered responsibilities, relieve themselves of all liability, and hand California taxpayers a bill for lead paint clean-up in the form of a $2 billion bond, plus $1.9 billion in interest.
Please read about the shameful scam these lead paint companies are trying to get away with.
With a half dozen colleagues, I have led efforts to hold the lead paint companies accountable, and the Assembly recently passed my AB 2073 bill to ensure homeowners can’t be sued by the companies. But we have much work to do, to make sure the companies don’t get away with their campaign to deceive the public.
Don’t be fooled by the dirty tricks they are using to avoid responsibility.