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November 23, 2017 -- Thanksgiving

We have had a big year. 
A lot has happened during the year since last November – terrifying and depressing, heartening and emboldening. 
I am thankful for grassroots progressive energy around the country, scores of first-time candidates running for office, and the election of diverse Americans to every level of government. 
I am thankful for the advances we made this year in California on housing, transportation, and the environment, as well as the fight for immigrants, women and our LGBTQ communities. Despite the setbacks we’ve had this year, we are still moving forward. 

I am thankful to have you on the team. I’m grateful for your support, your voice, and your work to keep moving us forward. 
This Thanksgiving, I’m going to spend time with Candace, Lucas, my parents, and our extended families. But right after the holiday, I’ll be back to work, pushing forward and continuing the Resistance from California. 
There will be much more to come.
May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!