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October 20, 2017 -- A reflection

Recently, I have been reflecting on this past year - the struggles, the victories, and the work still to be done - and wanted to share a few highlights with you. 
After his inauguration, Donald Trump immediately began targeting immigrants and signed dangerous and xenophobic executive orders. So we worked harder. We introduced the Immigrant Tenant Protection Act and the Immigrant Worker Protection Act, to give California’s immigrant families a fair shot. Last week, the Governor signed both of my bills into law and officially made California a sanctuary state.  

Ever since my 2014 election to the Assembly, I’ve fought to tackle our housing crisis. As chair of the Assembly Housing & Community Development Committee, I worked with legislative leadership and our Governor on a package of bills to finally create a permanent funding source for affordable housing and hold cities accountable to build desperately needed housing. Two weeks ago, the Governor signed the most comprehensive housing package in California history. 
After years of legislative attempts to address the backlog of untested rape kits in California, we worked to get justice for sexual assault survivors by re-introducing my bill to bring transparency to the backlog. Governor Brown finally signed AB 41 into law, marking a major step in the fight to address the rape kit backlog. 
But we didn’t stop there. 
We passed AB 19, giving all California residents one free year of community college. Building on our work in San Francisco, this will remove some barriers to higher education and alleviate the financial burden on students in our very expensive state.  
We passed AB 677, expanding the collection of voluntarily-provided LGBTQ demographic data related to education and employment, to reduce disparities experienced by LGBTQ students and workers.
On an issue I’ve championed since my earliest days in the Legislature, the Governor signed a historic drug pricing transparency bill into law, which will finally shine light on skyrocketing drug prices. 
I’m proud of the work of our amazing #ChiuCrew, who helped me to introduce, author or co-author dozens of bills that Governor Brown signed into law. Working with you, we made real progress on many critical issues, but the fight continues.
I am grateful to have your support as we fight to create change for the people of California. 
Once again, stay tuned. More to come.