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October 8, 2018--Fair Licensing for Ex-Inmates


This past week, Governor Jerry Brown signed our Fair Chance Licensing bill, AB 2138, into California law. 


AB 2138 will allow many of the millions of Californians with a non-violent record to apply for the 30 percent of all jobs in our state that require a professional license. Before this law, Californians with a record were barred from good-paying jobs that would allow them to get back on their feet—even if they’d received training for the jobs while incarcerated, or had never even been convicted after an arrest.


Thanks to the amazing community advocates who fought for months to pass my law to create economic opportunities for people who have served their time and are simply trying to start over. Today, we have succeeded in providing hope to millions of Californians who are trying to move on. 


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Let’s keep going.