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September 27, 2017 - We are getting national coverage

As you know, we recently made significant headway towards protecting our state’s immigrant families, when the California legislature passed both our Immigrant Worker Protection Act (AB 450) and our Immigrant Tenant Protection Act (AB 291) and sent the bills to the Governor’s desk, hopefully awaiting his signature. 
A number of national news outlets such as The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and The Sacramento Bee have covered the bills and our work to protect California families from Donald Trump.
>> Click here to read The Washington Post’s article
>> Click here to read The Boston Globe’s article 
>> Click here to read The Sacramento Bee’s article
As California continues to lead the Resistance, I hope we can be a beacon to the rest of the country in how we protect immigrant families from Trump and his out-of-control deportation force.
I’m glad to have you in this fight. Stay tuned - more to come.