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September 3, 2018--Labor Day

It’s easy to take things for granted.


Like the work of those who teach our kids and care for our toddlers. The work of those who fight our fires and keep our communities safe. Those who heal in hospitals and provide public services. Who build our houses, pave our roads, and operate our transit. Who serve the coffee, stock the shelves, and clean the offices. And the tens of millions of others.


The success of San Francisco, California, and our country has come from the backbreaking work of men and women who are often taken for granted. On this Labor Day, we take time to remember them—to celebrate their accomplishments.


Unfortunately, there are some who not only take our workers for granted, but seek to undermine the rights hard won by our labor movement over many decades.


We have seen attacks on workers’ rights to a minimum wage, to health care, to organize, to have a safe working environment, to retire with dignity. Earlier this year, Trump’s Attorney General came to California to sue a law I authored to protect immigrant workers.


While Labor Day is a day of rest and celebration, it’s also a day to recommit ourselves to stand alongside labor and defend the basic rights of workers.


I thank you for joining me in these fights, and hope you and your family have a restful Labor Day.