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September 5, 2018--Chiu Crew with Help from You

At midnight this past Friday, our Chiu Crew sent 12 bills to the Governor’s desk, on top of 2 other bills that have already been signed into law.


I’m proud of the work of my team, and I’m grateful to you for supporting us every step of the way.


We worked on a wide range of issues this year. From alleviating the housing and homelessness crises, to ensuring sexual assault survivors get justice, to increasing job opportunities for ex-offenders, to protecting immigrants and renters, we fought to address challenges facing everyday Californians.


I am excited about every bill we sent to Governor Brown’s desk, but there are a few I am especially proud of:


AB 2138 creates opportunities for millions of Californians with non-violent records to apply for professional licenses, creating a path to employment and preventing recidivism. If we are serious about rehabilitation, we need to remove barriers to gainful employment.


AB 2162 will speed up the process to build supportive housing, which integrates services with housing for chronically homeless Californians. Supportive housing is one of the most humane and cost-effective answers to our state’s homelessness crisis.


AB 2185 will allow for undocumented parents to be a guardian in a lawsuit involving their children without revealing their identity. As the Trump Administration tries to rip immigrant families apart, the legal rights of their children need to be protected.


AB 2923 will build more affordable housing and transit-oriented development next to BART stations. This bill will give us the tools we need to simultaneously address two of the Bay Area’s biggest challenges—housing affordability and traffic congestion.


AB 3118 is part of the effort to end the backlog of untested rape kits in California by requiring law enforcement agencies to conduct a statewide audit of all sexual assault evidence kits. We are one step closer to getting justice for survivors. 


These are only some examples of our work this legislative session. Your support has been crucial in this fight, and I am grateful to have you on my team.