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This past week, Governor Jerry Brown signed our Fair Chance Licensing bill, AB 2138, into California law. 


The Bay Area just got the go-ahead to create more affordable housing next to BART stations!

Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 3118, and as of January 1, 2019, our Rape Kit Audit bill will become law.

At midnight this past Friday, our Chiu Crew sent 12 bills to the Governor’s desk, on top of 2 other bills that have already been signed into law.


While Labor Day is a day of rest and celebration, it’s also a day to recommit ourselves to stand alongside labor and defend the basic rights of workers.


Trump has proposed placing a question on the 2020 Census that asks about citizenship. This will discourage our immigrant neighbors from participating in the Census, resulting in a significant undercount in states like California, reducing our Congressional seats and federal funding. This cannot stand.

Trump and Pence have proposed a gag rule on doctors that would prevent them from discussing abortion with patients.

Recently, a federal judge appointed by a Republican President issued a rebuke to Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions by upholding SB 54, California’s sanctuary state law.

Lead Paint Companies proposed ballot measure– which would have eliminated all of their court-ordered responsibility and stuck taxpayers with a $3.9 billion bill– will not be on November’s ballot.


Six more of our bills passed out of the Senate Appropriations Committee!